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this is mainly to rebut the claims made by this person, and is by no means meant to shame this person in any way...

the purpose of this article is to make us think of how we approach scientific stuff related to Islam...

how critical we are to stuff like this...

insyaALLAH i will try to make it as clear as possible...

let us analyze his claims, i will not indulge in all of them, not all of them are within my sphere of knowledge, but i'll try my best...

claims and counter claims

1. what Neil Armstrong said implies that ALLAH hung the earth

i make it clear 1st that i believe ALLAH hung the earth.

but, it must be remembered that Neil Armstrong was not a muslim then. so, how is it possible that he made such a connection?

he is an astronaut, as such, he must have known that the earth is surrounded by a vacuum, and floats in space.

it must be remembered that the reason why we are on the ground is because of gravity.

without it, we will simply float in space.

hence such a thing should be hardly surprising to an astronaut.

and what is more, he should've seen the moon being hung even of Earth, and if he were to makes such a connection, he need not go to space; the sky is hanging in the atmosphere, right?

hanging, as conventional wisdom would have it, would imply that it is being pulled down or up by a force, and then applying a similar force to countereact that force (think about how a ball would hang). is this the way the earth is?

the earth is floating and moving due to the effects of other celestial bodies that are present...

2. the discovery of a mysterious radiation was posted for 21 days in the internet and then taken off by the censorship from NASA

the internet was developed by the US military precisely because there is no central server in which a hacker can gain access and take control of the system. and the internet was popular only by the 80's.

when did the moon landing take place?

not in the 80's i can assure u..

and to be honest, if NASA did ever do that, then the whole scientific community will be outraged, since they have published it, then took it away without giving reasons why. findings are not theories, rather, they are imperical data which is taken from Nature. NASA will have a tough time if they were to do that.

even if he did post it on the net, the fact that hardly anyone has a computer then, and what more an internet connection, make this point rather shaky

3. Kaaba is radiating some sort of short wavelength radiation which is infinite. he then continued by making a connection between this radiation and Baitul Makmur.

4. the radiation has special properties

let us consider what he said: the radiation was infinite, has special properties, is known to man and has a short wavelength. now, there are only a few radiation having the ability to travel in a vacuum, and the more likely candidate for this is the electromagnetic radiation, like light, since if it is a concentrated, collimated beam (like a laser), then the beam would hardly be dispersed, which would mean that the energy will not be dispersed too much. taking this stand, a short wavelength of electromagnetic wave would suggest some harmful radiation such as gamma radiation, which means that it will require a lot of energy before having it released. thus the question arises, whence did the energy come from, why is it not detected nor reported nowadays (ignore the conspiracy theory, i trust scientist will publish their findings), and if the earth is emitting such things, it will require quite a big amount of energy which means that the earth will lose its energy. again, the source of energy is a big question mark since even stars need huge masses before being able to emit light, due to the nuclear reactions in the star. they need huge masses and densities. in comparison, the earth's composition does not favour such a theory. and it needs to be said here that the crust is moving, hence we would need more supporting evidence for this claim.

5. in the middle of the earth, there is a place called the magnetic equilibrium zone, where apparently the magnetic field has no effect

the magnetic north pole is actually, on a normal magnet, the south pole; that's why compasses show north. and the field lines are from the magnetic south pole to the north. if u want to have a magnetic free region on earth, u will have to put an opposing magnetic field that is enough to cancel the effect of the first one. it must be said that the earth's magnetic field is not really that strong, but to have an opposing field to permeate the whole of Mecca, it would be a monumental taskl, even for the brightest of engineers...

and from what i know, the earth's magnetic field is beneficial in that it stops harmful solar radiation from entering earth. physically, it doesn't seem right.

6. people living in Mecca is less affected (among other things) by gravity

last time i checked, gravity is a force exerted because of the existence of mass. since the mass of the earth is there, how are they affected less by gravity? i don't get it. the calculations here are complex (we must take into account the various masses in all the space dimensions before being able to calculate the true effects of gravity), and i will not attempt it here

7. the rocks in Mecca are the oldest in the world

8. rocks from mecca are not from this solar system

i cant answer claims 7 & 8 because it will require further study in the subject matter...

so, how many of u, having watched the film, thinks that these are the things that proves Islam is the true religion?

i hate to say it, but his arguments lack evidence, and does not appeal to logic.

my point here is that not that i am saying what he said is absolutely wrong, its just that some of what he is saying is very2 questionable, and as Muslims, we should not simply take it without having analyzed the whole thing first, and then using it as a tool for dakwah.

this is true of all things about science; we cant make any relations unless having studied the field first. dan maafla saya cakap ni, kadang2 ustaz pun bukan autoriti dalam bidang2 ni.

this is the common mindset of Muslims nowadays, taking stuff without thinking about it first. its fine if its things concerning religion that we can't simply say without having knowledge, but we can always research science on the net, yes?

so, brothers and sisters, i am not saying that we should not use science as an argument for dakwah, just proper, researched science, one that u know all the sources.

this is especially true about darwinism and evolution, where muslims are the most sensitive about. don't simply take other people's word for it; there are proofs, undisputed proofs for evolution. and a theory that survived almost 100 years of rigorous testing must have at least some validity in it..

maybe u'll say that u dunno who ask. my answer is, many people can answer, u just need to know where to look for. post it in iluvislam.com, insyaALLAH it will be answered.

and start thinking about Nature. i know not everyone can do this, but u can try. cuz even ALLAH tells us to do that. how many of us think about, say, an ant, while waiting idly for a bus? or about how great the feat of walking is (scientist called it a series of controlled falls)?

i do personally think that this is a habit, and everyone has the capacity to do it. its just a matter of whether u do it, or not.

the way we think usually will reflect in our actions. so if we don't think critically enough, we may make decisions that are not so good for, say, Islam...

i apologize to ALLAH for any short comings in this article.



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  1. Akmal Amri 4 January 2008 at 15:34
    im.. a good observation perhaps.. when i watched it, at first was amazed by all the facts he mentioned.. then when he arrived at the point where he said 'people in mecca are healthy.......' i was like.... 'what the heck?' xtau la plak mcm tu.. xpenah dgr pon... from there on, i doubted every single point he made in the video.. good to have u :p

    p/s: buat la research im.. mane la tau ade point2 die yg btol... ko justify la... hehe

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